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What is CHEFEE?

Chefee is your 24/7 personal robotic chef, a true game-changer in culinary robotics.

We're talking the real deal - it curates your menu, it orders the ingredients, it weighs, mixes, and yes, it cooks. 

With 500+ customizeable recipes and four cookers, Chefee can feed you, your family, and even your in-laws when they come visit. 

The front face of Chefee
Seamless Integration

Chefee is integrated with Alexa, Google Home, or Apple Home, so you can voice your hunger and choose a meal in less than 60 seconds.

Order from anywhere in the world. The

Chefee App is free and available for new and existing customers.

Healthy foods are a voice command away

Our mission is to bring home-cooked meals to every person in the world. In our busy society, it's easier to find fast food than to shop for healthy groceries, let alone cook a healthy meal.

Chefee to the rescue! Enjoy meals truly made from scratch and customized to your diet, goals, and even personality.

Food Cost Explainer
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How many meals do you cook per week? 

How many people are in your household?






The CHEFEE Dif ference

Whether you're a busy parent or a bachelor/ette, Chefee saves you money and time

Not only does it cook and season every dish for you, Chefee even does the shopping so you can enjoy extra time doing the things you love. 

Busy schedule? No problem. 

The hungry kids on their way home from soccer practice? Chefee has your back. 

Experience the difference.

Avg time to cook a meal = 25 min
Avg number of meals per day = 2.5
Avg retail price per meal = $10 +
Avg price of raw ingredients per meal = $3
Avg food cost savings/meal by Chefee = $7 + tax

*How did we calculate this?

Compact, Versatile, Easy to Install
Tofu Red Curry

Tofu Red Curry

Health Facts

Calories - 580
Allergens - Soy, Treenuts

Upcoming Recipes
Chick'n Noodles

Chick'n Pad Thai

Health Facts

Calories - 720
Allergens - Peanuts, Gluten

Pappardelle Primavera

Pappardelle Primavera

Health Facts

Calories - 640
Allergens - Gluten

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Kitchen with integrated Chefee
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