Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

    These Terms of Sale ("Terms") govern the purchase of a Chefee Home Robotic Chef from Chefee Robotics, Inc. ("Chefee Robotics," "we," or "us"). By placing an order for a Chefee Unit, you ("Customer" or "you") agree to adhere to these terms and conditions. Please review these Terms carefully before making a purchase.

    2. Product Description and Pricing

      2.1. Chefee Unit: The Chefee unit is an innovative home robotic chef designed to assist in meal preparation, cooking, and various culinary tasks.

      2.2. Pricing: The price of the Chefee unit is as stated in the channel you purchased, plus applicable sales tax. 


      2. Payment

        3.1. Payment Method: Payment for a Chefee Unit must be made using one of the accepted payment methods specified on our website or as communicated to you.

        3.2. Payment Terms

           - Option 1: $100 Reservation Fee (Refundable*): This reserves a spot on the waitlist to purchase a Chefee unit at a later date, before the general public.

           - Option 2: 10% Down Payment for Priority Reservation Deposit (Refundable*): This payment reserves your Chefee unit and priority delivery scheduling.


        4. Included Services 

          4.1. Technical Support: Each Chefee Unit purchase includes access to customer support and technical assistance for inquiries related to the Chefee Unit.

          4.2. Remote Diagnostics: We provide remote diagnostics to assist you in troubleshooting and maintaining optimal performance.


          5. Delivery

            5.1. Shipping: Chefee Robotics will arrange for the shipping, delivery, and installation of the Chefee Unit to the address provided by you during the ordering process or an updated address if you update our records.

            5.2. Estimated Delivery Date: The estimated delivery date to your requested address is December 25, 2024. While Chefee Robotics aims to meet this timeline, unforeseen circumstances may affect delivery.

            5.3. Installation: Installation of the Chefee Unit is included in the purchase price as part of our service.




              6.1. Limited Warranty: The Chefee Unit comes with a limited warranty of 10,000 recipe cycles. 


              7.Cancellation and Refund Policy

              7.1. No Refunds or Returns: With the exceptions detailed in clause 12 below, you acknowledge and agree that there will be no refunds or returns issued for the Chefee Unit once the purchase is made. However, we will provide constant support to ensure the best experience possible.

              8. Privacy and Data Protection

              8.1. Use of Personal Data: We value your privacy and want to assure you that we do not share your personal data with third parties. Your personal data is solely used to enhance your Chefee experience and improve our services. We collect information such as your name, contact details, and purchase history solely for these purposes, as outlined in our Privacy Policy, accessible on our website.



              9. Contact Information

                For any inquiries or assistance, please feel free to contact our customer support team at suppor@chefeerobotics.com or via Chefee.com. 

                10. Customer Feedback and Communication

                  10.1. Surveys and Feedback: Periodically, customers will receive invitations to participate in surveys to provide feedback on their Chefee experience.

                  10.2. Open Communication: We welcome open communication from Chefee customers for complaints, suggestions, or ideas related to the Chefee Unit.



                  11. Limited Liability

                  Chefee Robotics, Inc., cannot be held liable for minor software or hardware issues. We will provide tech support and service as needed to maintain the Chefee Unit's good working condition.

                  12. Purchase Agreement Cancellation

                  Chefee Robotics reserves the right to cancel this purchase agreement at its sole discretion for any reason before delivery of the Chefee unit. In such cases, any deposit or purchase amount will be refunded as required by law or the terms of this agreement.

                  13. Disputes

                  A dispute arising from this Agreement shall be resolved through mediation, then binding arbitration conducted in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association.

                  By purchasing a Chefee Unit, you agree to the terms outlined in this Agreement.

                  Date of Last Update: Feb 23, 2024

                  Chefee Robotics, Inc.

                  Austin, TX